Yevadu 24 Days Collections

 Yevadu 24 Days Collections,Yevadu 24th Day Collections, Yevadu Collections,Yevadu Box Office Collections,Yevadu Income, Collections Of Yevadu,Yevadu Collections Till Now,Yevadu Collections Till Date,

Yevadu 24 Days Collections

Yevadu 24 Days Collections,Yevadu 24th Day Collections, Yevadu Collections,Yevadu Box Office Collections,Yevadu Income, Collections Of Yevadu,Yevadu Collections Till Now,Yevadu Collections Till Date,

Ram Charan delivers it well as much as we would expect him of a commercial entertainer and reminds us of his performances in Chirutha, Racha and Nayak. While he may have delivered as much the role is expected to, there is nothing unique coming from the star. But he surely needs to brush up on his emotions when it comes to romance. He stood a good match in the encounters with villain (Sai Kumar). Audience went on cheering through his dance in Freedom. Well, its b ecome a fact now that there can no one to match the dancing skills of Ram Charan and Allu Arjun, they have it coded in their DNAs actually. Allu Arjun did a cameo and the fight sequence involving him was very good. In Sai Kumar, we find another good emerging villain and his screen presence is so good that it can overshadow anyone unless he is better. The lesser said the better about the female leads for they are meant for some dancing entertainment. In fact Kajal’s cameo was better than main leads Shruti Haasan and Amy Jackson. Jayasudha and LB Sriram did well in their respective roles.

Yevadu 1st day collection is 8.90 Crore

Yevadu 2nd day collection is 4.50 Crore

Yevadu 3rd day collection is 4.15 Crore

Yevadu 4th day collection is 3.90 Crore

Yevadu 5th day collection is 3.05 Crore

Yevadu 6th day collection is 3.02 Crore

Yevadu 7th day collection is 2.50 Crore

Yevadu 8th day collection is 2.20 Crore

Yevadu 9th day collection is 1.95 Crore

Yevadu 10th Day collection is 1.99 Crore

Yevadu 11th Day collection is 1.90 Crore

Yevadu 12th Day collection is 1.82 Crore

Yevadu 13th Day collection is 1.41 Crore

Yevadu 14th Day collection is 1.15 Crore

Yevadu 15th Day collection is 1.01 Crore

Yevadu 16th Day collection is 0.91 Crore

Yevadu 17th Day collection is 0.62 Crore

Yevadu 18th Day collection is 0.58 Crore

Yevadu 19th Day collection is 0.43 Crore

Yevadu 20th Day collection is 0.40 Crore

Yevadu 21st Day collection is 0.36 Crore

Yevadu 22nd Day collection is 0.31 Crore

Yevadu 23rd Day collection is 0.26 Crore

Yevadu 24th Day collection is 0.21 Crore

Yevadu tolal collections is 47.53 Crore

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